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A Prayer and a Curse (For the New Year)

By henrymartinhm, Jan 2 2019 02:44PM

I hope someday to haunt you

When you least expect it.

I hope to wake you from your

Dreams and make you

Sit through the dark night with

Unknown restlessness

Breathing through your lungs.

I hope in your old age

To stop you in your path,

My face to cross your mind

And to remember me

As I was then.

Would you care to look me up or

Leave me in there in my youth?

Of course, I wish you to regret

Letting me go.

Your heart shorn open by the collective years.

Finally letting that knocking

Doubt glide in,

For that is your doubt;

That part of your self disowned.

I hope someday to haunt you

Like you do me, as a youth, into age.

I hope to haunt you but forget you

That I might sleep,

That I might walk no step unsure

Through my last days

A happy old man, without regret.

Without doubt.

I want the sun to release me

From your shadow.

I want to forget

Your touch upon my hand.

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